Yoga Detox strips away impurities

Nourish your mind, body and soul


We live in an environment plagued with chemicals and the food we eat is packed with preservatives, additives and other nasties that our systems aren’t designed to process.

Over time a build-up of toxins can impact on the way our bodies function and can stop our organs from working properly.


FAST FACT: Every day our body works hard to detox itself naturally to get rid of harmful toxins that build up over time. Our liver and kidneys play the biggest role.


But sometimes our body needs help.


To help cleanse you from the inside out, Ayurveda 360 has created the seven-day Yoga Detox program.

In just seven days you will feel:

MIND: Refocused, clear and mentally strong.
BODY: Pain free or reduced pain, and new sense of great health and wellbeing.
SOUL: Fresh, radiant and upbeat.

What is a yoga detox?

Yoga is so much more than just a workout – it cleanses your mind, body and soul to help increase energy, vitality and happiness, while decreasing health issues and clearing your mind.

Through yoga and its detoxifying process you can naturally eliminate deadly toxins that build up in your body from the environment, food we eat, medication, alcohol, pollution and other chemicals.

After the seven-day program you will notice a sense of wellbeing that will have you feeling on top of the world.

“The Yoga Detox is your pathway back to wellness” – Jo Formosa, founder


The Yoga Detox program works in 3 simple steps

MIND: Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, and it’s known as a detox for your mental state too. Doing yoga helps eliminate toxic thoughts and teaches you to take your mind to the present moment and away from all the chaos inside your brain. This is especially important in times of depression, stress and anxiety.

BODY: The systematic moves, poses and stretches don’t just work up a sweat, the twists, rolls, bends, turns, pushes and pulls our insides too, which help remove toxins and other wastes from the body and our muscles.

SOUL: Yoga also focuses on your breathing, which helps the detox process too. The deep tummy breathing means we take in more oxygen and, in turn, release more carbon monoxide, essentially clearing toxins and stimulating digestion.


The 17 benefits of the Yoga Detox

  1. Improves your flexibility and supports  connective tissue, while building muscle strength.
  2. Helps posture, protects the spine and aids in bone health
  3. Stops cartilage and joint breakdown
  4. Increases circulation and drains lymphs
  5. Boosts immunity
  6. Lowers blood pressure, cortisol levels and blood sugar levels
  7. Makes you happier
  8. Releases tension and relaxes the mind and body
  9. Improves your balance
  10. Maintains your nervous system and improves circulation
  11. Improves sleep and helps with insomnia
  12. Improves concentration, clarity and focus, and quietens your mind
  13. Reduces digestive problems
  14. Reduces arthritic pain, back pain, fibromyalgia,carpal tunnel, headaches, allergies and other chronic conditions
  15. Gives inner strength and boosts self-esteem
  16. Builds awareness for change in any area of life
  17. Improves your quality of life


Signs you need to do a yoga detox:

Every day you wake up feeling tired, fatigued, dull and slow.
You have unexplained aches and pains that are preventing you from doing the things you love.
You find it hard to focus and concentrate on the smallest of tasks.
You have a chronic illness or a persistent ongoing pain that is lasting longer than what seems normal.
If you believe the Yoga Detox will help you live you best life, free from pain and suffering, simply sign up today. It’s that easy.

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