Jo Formosa will be in the United Kingdom during September for the pre-launch of the long awaited Health Dynamics Test. In partnership with Roger Hamilton and The Entrepreneur’s Institute, Health Dynamics will revolutionise your approach to health and wellness and empower you to achieve new levels of well-being. While in the UK, Jo will also be giving ayurvedic consultations and presentations about ayurveda.

Here’s a video from early 2015, back when Roger and Jo first began discussions about Health Dynamics. In the video Jo gives a brief explanation of  the Ayurvedic approach to health care.

To find out more about the Health Dynamics pre-launch and be among the first to this groundbreaking test click here to go on the Health Dynamics early-bird list.

Book Your Personal Ayurvedic Consultation with Jo Formosa

Jo’s visit to the UK presents a rare opportunity for a personal ayurvedic consultation with one of the world’s leading ayurvedic physicians. The consultation (60 minutes or 30 minutes) includes a ‘pulse reading’ which will:

  • Reveal details of health and wellness strengths and weaknesses not picked up by other health modalities.
  • Determine your body type and outline habits, foods and lifestyle choices to support your optimal health
  • Uncover any underlying health issues that haven’t yet reached a symptomatic stage
  • Determine a treatment plan for any existing symptomatic illnesses, conditions or disease stage you may be struggling with.

If necessary, the consultation will also direct you towards tests and treatments as needed.

Jo will also give you a ‘preview’ of Health Dynamics and show you the link between your ayurvedic body type and your Wealth Dynamics profile.

If you need further care, Jo can also be available on an ongoing basis via remote consultations. Currently Jo services clients throughout the world.

Jo has limited consultations available between the 12th and 20th of September. Please use the link below to book your session.

Bookings will be taken strictly on a first come first served basis and payment is required at the time of booking. The consultation fee is $AU250 (approx £145 GBP or €170 EUR) for a 60 minute consult or $AU150 (approx £87 GBP or €100 EUR) for a 30 minute consult.

Join Health Dynamics

Curious about your DNA?

Jo will be travelling with smartDNA Genomic Wellness Tests that allow you to understand your genetic make up and develop deeper insights into your ideal path to optimum health. When your body is healthy and has access to the nutrients it needs genetically, you typically:

  • Age more slowly
  • Experience a higher quality of life
  • Feel less stressed
  • Suffer less with unhealthy conditions

The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test includes:

  1. Smart DNA Test Kit – Saliva sample which is sent off to the lab for analysis
  2. DNA Report Analysis – A 100 page report broken down in an easy to read format so you can know what blood test you need to have done to make sure you don’t go into a disease state
  3. DNA ROF/Debrief – A one on one consult with Jo Formosa (over Skype) about how your body type and wealth Dynamics profile link with your DNA so you have your personal path to health
  4. Individualized Dietary/Lifestyle DNA Plan – This includes an in-depth consult with a Back2Health consultant to ensure your dietary intake is compatible with your genetic makeup.

As Jo will be travelling with a limited number of kits these must be booked in advance. Total cost for the full test package is $AU995 (approx £580 GBP or €680 EUR). Tests can be booked with a consult by following this link or they can be ordered separately here.

For more information about the smartDNA test please download a brochure.

About Jo Formosa

Jo Formosa on Today Extra Discussing Soup Cleanses

Jo is an experienced practitioner in a number of different traditions including ayurveda, Chinese medicine, remedial massage and neuro-strategies. She specialises in treating challenging health conditions such as cancer, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, immune problems and helping people detox from technology.

Jo is an accomplished speaker and is regularly sought after for media commentary on health and wellness issues and is available for media interview or speaking engagements while on tour. Please contact Oryana Angel at Bliss Communications for details.

What people are saying about Jo Formosa?

“I’d been on chemotherapy treatment and the doctors had most recently diagnosed me with kidney failure and a very rare autoimmune disease. Things weren’t looking too good and on top of that, I was on a cocktail of medication – from chemo drugs to steroids. I didn’t feel good at all and wanted to get healthy again. After my first Back2Health consult, I stayed on my regime for four weeks. From just this diet and my prescribed herbs, I lost all the puffiness from taking steroids. I had a lot of energy and didn’t feel tired. What’s more is that after only two weeks on the detox, I had a second blood report done and was astounded with the results! My blood glucose sugar levels were down from 14 to 4.1, my cholesterol had plummeted and I was no longer experiencing kidney failure. The doctor said that my kidneys were improving towards normal function and I was in remission for my autoimmune condition. Ayurveda has given me my health back. I came in looking to improve my kidney function and I went away with so many more benefits than I ever thought of. It’s amazing how just one detox can work so many wonders!”

R.V, Mackay

Book Your Appointment With Jo Formosa Here

Times shown on the booking app are in GMT/BST and consults will be held at the Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands Hammersmith International Centre, London, W6 8DR, United Kingdom. (Room details will be advised via email in the days prior).