Ayurveda: Learn a new way of life

Online health programs are a step forward


“But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: Let your body take care of you.” – Deepak Chopra


Ayurveda is your new way of life.

In conjunction with some of the world’s best Ayurvedic practitioners and holistic healers we have created two online programs that offer a step-by-step approach to full body and mind wellness.

1.     Ayurveda 360 Detox – This four-step process goes straight to the heart of toxins to flush them out before they take over your body.

2.     Yoga Detox – More than just a workout it will cleanse your mind, body and soul to help increase energy, vitality and happiness, while decreasing health issues and a clearing your mind. COMING SOON

Why we choose to offer these programs

Having decided at the age of 14 she was destined to spend her life inspiring others to live healthier, Jo Formosa sought training and guidance from Ayurvedic gurus all over the world.

Under their guidance and encouragement Jo, who also has a background in alternative therapies such as acupuncture and remedial massage, expanded her depth of understanding and experience of the principles of Ayurvedic teachings – and has since been helping people regain their health for more than 25 years.

It’s from her vast clinical experience that she further discovered the benefits of detoxification and the healing powers of yoga.

“I want to open up the incredible teachings of Ayurveda to people around the world, because I believe it offers health benefits above and beyond anything I have found,” says Jo.

“What I love about Ayurveda is that we still treat a disease and the symptoms the way Indian practitioners did 5000 years ago, because their philosophy is that you treat people in a systematic way that treats each person as an individual. It’s not a blanket approach.”

I have seen amazing results within myself and my clients from using Ayurvedic treatments and remedies. People who have come off or reduced long-term medication, survived cancer, fallen pregnant or just generally regained their heath.”

“Ayurveda is a way of life and it’s proven to work time and time again.”


How are yoga and Ayurveda connected?

Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of the science.

Ayurveda began in India 5000 years ago and so too did yoga. Yoga means “union” and “Ayurveda” means “the science of life”.

Together these two harmonious practices give us the tools to change our thoughts, beliefs and health to promote a healthier life with more energy and vitality.  They will help create balance between the mind, body and soul.


What makes the Ayurveda 360 online programs unique?

·       They are exclusive to Ayurveda 360.

·       These principles have been used for thousands of years.

·       We provide all the tools, information and guidance you need.

·       You can work through the content again and again so you always stay on top of your health.


Sign up for the Ayurveda 360 Detox or the Yoga Detox today and start tomorrow. You’ll be glad you took the first step on a new path to health and wellness.

If you would like to know more, please email us at info@ayurveda360.com.au or signing up to our newsletter.

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“Before I did the Ayurveda 360 Detox, I used to take up to six Nurofen or Panadol tablets a day every day for my knee pain and headaches. Now I take none. I also used to take medication to help me sleep; medication for reflux; medication for menopause. Now I take herbs for sleep and reflux, and only half of the dose of my HRT medication. My hot flushes are now non-existent and my mood swings are infrequent and unusual. I feel amazing.”


Nat, Brisbane