The Ayurveda 360 Detox

Kick start your journey to optimum health


FACT: A good detox – like the Ayurveda 360 Detox – can quite simply change your life.

In today’s busy world it’s easy to accept tiredness and a lack of energy as part of life – but you don’t have to live a sluggish life.

The Ayurveda 360 Detox goes straight to the heart of toxins to flush them out before they take over your body.


Top 3 reasons you should detox

1. You’ve never done a detox before.

2. You don’t feel vibrant and full of energy.

3. Your sugar cravings are out of this world.


What is the Ayurveda 360 Detox?

It’s our signature course that is at the base of all our other programs so you effectively start your wellness journey with a clean slate. In just four easy steps you’ll be given the tools to rebalance your digestive system, reboot your metabolism and increase your quality of life.

1. PLAN – you’ll get all the information you need to familiarise yourself with the Ayurveda 360 Detox and achieve the best results.

You receive: The Guide to Detoxing fact sheet, videos with information and education, and the Why Detox eBook.

2. PREPARE – your step-by-step Ayurveda 360 Detox guide so you are organised for the seven-day detox.

You receive: The seven-day meal plan, the Ayurveda 360 Detox Recipe Book and shopping list.

3. DETOX – a step-by-step daily guide.

You receive: Daily emails and videos, support from the Ayurveda 360 team, and a journal.

4. MAINTAIN – How to maintain your health and renewed vitality after is very important.

You receive: A how-to guide on inserting these principles into your everyday life and on-going support in the Ayurveda 360 Facebook group, monthly newsletters and blogs (link to blog).


The Ayurveda 360 Detox will:

·       Improve your metabolism, digestion and appetite

·       Treat obesity and reduce water retention

·       Reduce and prevent abnormal growths such as tumours

·       Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels

·       Control blood pressure

·       Prevent chronic disease

·       Enhance your immune system

·       Help you lose weight

·       Increase energy levels

·       Give mental and emotional clarity

·       Improve skin quality

·       Slow the signs of premature ageing and greying

·       Help you feel rested when you wake up

·       Give skin a healthy glow

·       Make sure your tongue is clear and pink

·       Help your body feel light, regardless of the number on the scales

·       Help you feel centered throughout the day

·       Keep digestion strong without bloating

·       Help you become energised and enthusiastic

·       Make aches and pains disappear

·       Give relief from bloated feelings or heaviness


Start the Ayurveda 360 Detox today if you want to:


·       Make healthy lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life.

·       Be free from the toxins that are causing your health issues.

·       Have a path to long-term health and wellness.

·       Feel energetic, vibrant and happy.


To unlock a healthier, happier you then simply and sign up for the Ayurveda 360 Detox now.


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“I found the detox empowering as I felt like I was taking control over my health – I lost 4-6kg, my face was brighter, my skin was glowing, I felt lighter, more energetic and happy.”


Paige, Brisbane, working mother of two